Student Life


Art is a very important aspect of school life at ISC-6 October. The school has two large, specialist art rooms and two well-qualified and inspirational art teachers. All our students have art classes from Kindergarten through Grade 7. In Grades 8 and 9, students choose between art and music.

The ISC-6 October Art curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn about various artists and art movements and explore a wide variety of artistic genres, encouraging them to develop self-expression while learning a variety of techniques and styles. These include:

  • Silkscreen printing 
  • Batik art (paper batik/wax resist) 
  • Sand Mandala 
  • Wood block printing 
  • Soap printing 
  • Color etching 
  • Beads work   
  • Pottery painting 
  • Sculpture mosaic  
  • Drawing/painting using mixed media 
  • Drawing landscape/seascape 
  • Animals drawing 
  • Drawing on ceramic plates  
  • Cityscape drawings /paintings 
  • Graffiti/street art 
  • Recycling 
  • Drawing still life  
  • Drawing self-portrait and face proportions 
  • Drawing body proportions 

At ISC-6 October, students also have the opportunity to participate in several art-related clubs offered by the SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO), in addition to participating in the Annual Art Gallery at the end of each academic year. Senior students may also take an art portfolio class as an elective subject.

We are very proud of our students' artwork, which can be seen as framed work in our corridors, in our classrooms, and on large displays throughout the school.

Each year, the school distributes a calendar filled with students' artwork and this calendar is eagerly anticipated by parents and students alike.

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