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Letter from the Director

Welcome to The International School of Choueifat – City of 6 October.

I am very pleased to greet you through this Welcome Letter and I look forward to meeting all of you in person soon. I know that the common denominator between you, myself, and all the staff here at ISC-6 October is that we all want the very best education, learning, care and safety for your children – for our students. 

ISC-6 October was established in August 2003 as a member of the SABIS® School Network.  SABIS® is an international, university-preparatory educational system with roots in the 19th century and a vision that has led us into the 21st century. This system, at the forefront of global education, is currently being successfully implemented in 89 schools in 20 countries representing 70,000+ students.

We are the second SABIS® School established in Egypt. Our school is located in Dreamland, not far from the Pyramids of Giza, on an area of 60,000 square meters. Our school was the first International School in this desert development area, which gave many parents the opportunity to send their children to a quality school.

At ISC-6 October, we strive to be sincere and show real concern for the wellbeing of all school community members. We are proud to maintain a culture of care, creating a school environment where students feel comfortable, safe, and are able to focus on learning.  Without the support of our school community, we could not have achieved the growth and academic success that is evident in our results. We are not complacent in this matter, and improving academic performance continues to be one of our major goals in order to meet the expectations of our parent community.

As a SABIS® school, we believe that university education is academically accessible to all students. We also believe that the success of our educational institution should be measured by the value it adds to each individual. This is the basis of our own mission statement at ISC-6 October.  Almost all students educated in the SABIS® Educational System graduate from good universities and the percentage of former students who go onto further studies is very high. As the system is not selective, SABIS® attributes its success and that of the students to its philosophy and goals, and to high standards of efficiency and accountability that the SABIS® Educational System requires.

All aspects of the SABIS® Educational System are rigorous and disciplined. The educational programs, based on sound academic principles, and the rules and policies that support them, have been developed and improved over several decades, and tried and tested over generations. Emphasis is on academic achievement although an all-round education is offered.

The curriculum we offer is a dynamic one and has the following features:

  • It is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding universities in the country.
  • It is comprehensive in that it gives students the opportunity to sit for a variety of external exams from both the British and American systems (IGCSE, AS & A Levels, SAT 1 & 2, TOEFL, and AP®).

Our students are also prepared for The International School of Choueifat High School Diploma, which is accredited by Cognia. This facilitates the transfer of students into various educational systems in different countries as well as into tertiary education, and makes it possible for them to be successful in Higher Education internationally.

A high premium in time and effort is placed on the mastery of the two key subjects – English and Mathematics. As English is the medium of instruction, Mathematics is the prerequisite for an in-depth understanding of the natural sciences and related subjects. A second language is a major feature of the curriculum, from KG 1 onwards. Arabic and French are both available. From Grade 6 onwards, French as a third language is introduced.

Our facility is well designed, extremely well maintained, and more than adequate to meet the needs of all stakeholders. A huge effort is continually made to provide an environment that is conducive to quality teaching and learning. We have a strong and dedicated administrative team leading the school to success. Similarly, our teaching staff is genuinely involved in the attainment of success for each child. Many of our teachers have been with us more than 12 years, some since the school started, and have dedicated much of their time at ISC-6 October to the development of their students, both academically and personally.

I look forward to seeing you at the many upcoming events and occasions throughout your time with us.

Yours sincerely,

Mark McLuckie


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