• Dear Mr. Kleynhans

    Referring to the Exam report of my daughters Mariam And Habiba in grades-6 & 2 respectively which lately received, I would like to seize the opportunity to thank you for all your exerted efforts to show their success particularly Mariam who passed the 1st term and Honorably listed, as well please send my best regards to all heads and relevant subordinates who have contributed in that success, wishing you more progress in all coming terms.

    The more Mr. Kleynhans is giving, the higher standard level of education shall Choueifat school grant

    Best Regards
    Acc. Adel Derbala
    Adel Derbala - Parent
    6th october

  • "One thing I really value about your school, besides your academic standards and warm environment of course is how organized the school is. My survival guide has been always to be able to plan ahead, and your school's planning system and communication through notes and the web have been most helpful."
    ISC-6 October student -

  • Wish this finds you well

    Wawooooo!!!!!!! What a great efforts ..........

    I really appreciate all your and Mrs Shoushiet efforts with Aly. Today I was surprised by the great change not only in the academic but also in his attitude and how he is positive and motivated and happy with the school

    What a great success!!!! Congratulations for seeing the success and achievements in Aly you made it he came more dedicated and responsible we hope that he do better and better in the rest of the year and the coming year thank you for accommodating Aly and putting him on the wright track.

    ‎I am speechless!!! No words can thank you enough please extend my thanks and appreciation for Mr s shouishet also as I don't have her mail.

    Thanks a Million
    Mr. Ahmed Madkour - Parent
    6th october

  • First, on the occasion of Christmas and Holidays Season, I would like to seize this opportunity and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Second, I am writing this email to express our appreciation and gratitude for the professionalism and efficiency of the educational process and management of ISC October 6 in Egypt. I am a lucky parent who has two kids at this outstanding school. It has been now 8 years since my elder son admission to the school. Every day pass, it confirms that I made the right decision to be part of such decent educational institute that is rubbed by a wise experienced leader like Mr. Robert Kleynhans. He is not only a successful principal but a real father who is loved by all students and appreciated by all parents. The promptness of attending to the patens and students needs are remarkable. Never faced any problem without finding a proper and timely manner solution. My two grade 4 and 6 kids are fully satisfied and I wouldn't imagine anything better than this. They are excelling in all subjects and have great manners as well, I give this credit to the school as the family alone can't do it, it has to be homogeneously by both family at home and family at school.

    Again, thank you for honoring us with such exceptional management. Wish ISC more success and glory, unconditionally it is the best school in Egypt.
    Ahmed Madkour - Parent
    6th october
The International School of Choueifat – City of 6 October, Egypt

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